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Company management recognizes the importance of strategic planning to its survival
and long-term profitability which generates an essential need for such project

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Strategic Orientations

The most important part of a strategic plan is the strategic orientations which identify the conceptual framework of the company. This part contains the vision, mission, and values that help the company management achieve its long-term aims through a set of goals distributed over the strategic plan's lifetime.The following are the strategic orientations agreed by the company management that draw the thick lines for company's executive management to work according to them during the coming five years in order to achieve the prospected competitive advantage.

Excellence in Providing Integrated Digital Services in Yemen

Vision •YOU Telecom

Providing mobile services and digital services with reliability, high quality and a wide geographical spread through a team with distinguished expertise and competencies that meet the requirements and aspirations of individuals and the business sector in Yemen

Mission •YOU Telecom

Integrity & Honesty



Creativity & Innovation 


Team Spirit

Good Role Model 

 Strategic Objectives

First Goal

Comprehensive Corporate and Technical Governance by 2025

Second Goal

Taking the Lead in Launching Fifth Generation Services by 2026

Third Goal

Increasing the Company's Market Share to 29% until 2028

Fourth Goal

Digital transformation (100%) until 2028

Fifth Goal

Maximizing the return on shareholders’ equity to 32% by the end of 2028

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