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The company offers a wide range of advisory services directed towards developing and building institutions, companies and organizations through studying and analyzing external and internal influences and building plans to help improve performance and raise efficiency.

Performance Improvement Services

We provide consulting services in the areas of strategic consulting, process development, and human resource consulting. All of this helped our team to come out with a strategic vision and enhance the value of projects for the client.

Our range of services includes business planning, corporate strategy, privatization, market assessment, organizational restructuring and professional human resource services as well as business process review and performance improvement.

We also assist companies to ensure the management and mitigation of internal and external risks, to ensure oversight of business key operations during times of change, and to ensure the identification and management of technology risks.

Structuring Services

  • We help our clients to define the key principles that define the correct and appropriate structure for the transaction or deals.
  • We can help organize complex factors including taxes, legal, accounting, and regulatory issues that must be considered together.
  • We carry out a practical plan to evaluate the structure chosen, and when this is confirmed as the right choice, we provide ongoing support during the implementation process.

Financial Consulting Services

We have a multidisciplinary team that can provide advice in preparing and implementing selections and provide relevant advice on all organizational and strategic issues and alignment of our clients' strategy and financing requirements.

Project Financing

We work with the private and financing sector, and we can assist the public sector in developing the correct approach to procurement processes and assist private sector partners in obtaining the maximum benefit from this process. Our team has knowledge, specialization and competence dealing in all commercial and industrial sectors.

Feasibility Studies and Work Plans

We have a team specialized in preparing feasibility studies and work plans for new projects or for expansion of existing projects. These studies and work plans help in determining the amounts of financing required for these projects and in obtaining it from the various financiers.

Diagnostic Studies

Diagnostic Studies for Acquisition Transactions

Our company services support business planning and combine advanced technology resources with commercial awareness that builds on the depth of industry experience. The economic skills that our specialists possess and their awareness of business imperatives lead to the expected success of our business.

Diagnostic Studies for Sale Transactions

We carry out diagnostic studies for the sale transactions by producing detailed reports showing the accurate information about the financial status quo of the company in case it is deemed to be sold. This provides sellers with greater control over the sales transactions and its timing. We can also visualize the effect of the deal on the seller’s capital base and the available investment options. We can also provide detailed solutions to help sellers successfully complete the sale transfer process.

Accounting Estimates

The International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) introduce significant changes to the way in which financial statements are prepared and presented, which requires a broad scope of assessment of assets on an annual basis. Estimation services in our firm depend on a great deal of technical and financial specialization, which enables the accounting specialists in providing standardized and integrated professional advice to our clients.

Consulting for Privately Owned Businesses 

We are one of the leading consultants in the privately owned business sector, with industrial knowledge and global ability to provide advice on all aspects of business transactions including the management, planning and implementation. 

Consulting for Shareholding Companies

We are also considered leading consultants in the public and private sectors, as we develop and maintain strong relationships with capital market resources and other sources of financing. We also provide access and linkage to the specialized parties on the statutory and, regulation matters governing the shareholding and non-shareholding companies.

Privatization Advice

We harmonize the needs of investors in profit maximization with the needs of governments of financial transparency and others. As we help our clients, from strategy development up to the transactions and beyond.

As independent consultants, we establish a competitive bidding process, and when we provide advice to the involved stakeholders, we help them to access new markets and develop process structures allowing them to compete internationally and locally.

We have implemented many more privatizations than any other financial consultant in Yemen, from steel and heavy manufacturing to utilities, public transportation, and health and education services. 

Evaluation Advices

The following methodologies are considered when estimating the fair market value of real property:

  • The market methodology.
  • The net asset methodology.
  • The aggregation of the results for each of the methodologies as appropriate.

Planning and Organizing Businesses

Our firm services support business planning and combine advanced technology resources with commercial awareness that builds on the depth of industry experience. The economic skills that our specialists possess and their awareness of business imperatives lead to the expected success of our business.

Opinions of Independent Experts

We are able to assist non-executive managers to direct and control their obligations by providing independent support when they verify their accounts and financial reports. Our firm services provide an appropriate level of independence in all circumstances.

We are also authorized by courts and legal authorities around the world to provide independent opinions regarding a particular value. We have a great deal of economic and commercial competence to ensure that our professional opinions are consistent with the principles of objectivity and independence.

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