Third Party Monitoring

Review and validate the operations of your projects by monitoring them

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Third Party Monitoring Sector is established to help improve the impact of humanitarian and development projects through better use of data. As monitoring and evaluation (M&E) consultants, we help Non-Government organizations (NGOs) see the value behind the numbers.

  • Conduct baseline assessment
  • Conduct endline evaluation of projects
  • PDM evaluations
  • Prepare interim assessment
  • Practical Analytical Assessment
  • Prepare a random need study
  • Conducting an organized needs study
  • Preparing various forms and tools for data starvation
  • Preparing data analysis systems
  • Preparing performance monitoring plans
  • Preparing a structured monitoring form for all indicators and activities
  • Preparing periodic monitoring plans for the tracks of activities
  • Preparing an integrated monitoring mechanism for projects
  • Preparing logical from matrix monitoring methods
  • Prepare proposals for monitoring and evaluating all projects and fields
  • Preparing multi-sector field surveys
  • Organize the consulting sector for all projects and activities