Finance Manager

Sana'a, Yemen

Job Position Major Objective

Managing the company's finance, preparing financial data and statements, performing financial and statistical analyses, supervising the implementation of all accounting operations, preparing and managing the estimated budget, following up on the implementation of departmental objectives enforcing financial policies, systems and procedures, and analyzing the gaps and presenting them to the company's management.


  • Master Degree in Accounting (Preferable)
  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting
  • Five years minimum experience in the same file in which three years as a Finance Manager
  • CPA or CMA holders are highly preferred


  • Arabic Language Proficiency Skills
  • English Language Proficiency Skills
  • Practical knowledge of financial management, and relevant laws
  • Leading others and the ability to motivate them to work
  • High skill in analyzing and reading financial indicators and financial planning

Must Have

  • Computer skill, especially in the Office suite
  • Bearing responsibility
  • Ability to make decisions and solve financial and accounting problems
  • Calm, strong and objective personality
  • Ability to work under different pressures 

Main Tasks

    • Participate in preparing the company’s strategic plan and work to transfer management’s vision to lower levels.
    • Preparing the executive and operational plan for the department in cooperation with department heads based on the company’s strategic plan, following up on its implementation and correcting interim deviations.
    • Recommending the approval of the company’s annual estimated budgets in cooperation with other departments in the company and following up on deviations that may arise.
    • Developing finance manuals, costs manual, and the financial control guide and monitoring their updating on an ongoing basis.
    • Follow up on the issuance of the final audited financial statements.
    • Searching for sources of financing and investment management.
    • Rationalizing the use of the company's financial resources.
    • Preparing financial analysis and forecasting reports for the company’s future financial situation and submitting recommendations to the General Manager.
    • Reviewing and submitting monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports on the company’s key performance indicators and presenting them to the General Manager for review.
    • Supervising the annual and monthly closing process, and preparing the company’s balance sheet.
    • Approving tax and zakat returns, responding to the Tax Authority’s observations and duties regarding them on the scheduled dates, and participating in discussing disputes during their consideration stages.
    • Attending the company's executive management meetings.
    • Responsibility for keeping check books, seals, and any important financial documents.
    • Reviewing finance workflow periodically and working to develop it as required by work requirements and in accordance with the best regulatory controls.
    • Evaluating the performance of department's employees and following up on the achievement of their annual goals in accordance with the approved operational plan.
    • Analyzing functional gaps and determining the training needs of the department's team based on performance appraisal.
    • Forming annual inventory committees and supervising inventory adjustments.
    • Carrying out any other work assigned by the direct manager within the scope of the job.